about me

 Robert M. Jones

Robert has spent the last 15 years as a free-lance photographer, and has traveled great distances as part of his love for photography and creativity. He has traveled to all of Utah's National Parks and to various other places for the enjoyment of nature and beautiful scenery and to create artistic momentos to enjoy viewing again and again. He has also enjoyed the rewarding experiences of being a paparazzi for multiple weddings as well as several events, including work for the Newspaper. He began doing Photography in 2001 as he tested out his first film camera and grew to love the concept of capturing still works of art, to make memories (Hence, "A Memory with a View") to enjoy reflecting upon for years to come. Over the years as he gained more and more practice, working in various capacities, he gained a great skill for Photography as his love for it continues to grow, and inspire others through quotes that are often placed with the pictures, or invoked in the hearts of his viewers. He believes in the concept that a picture should "Tell it's own story" and cause it's viewers to always have "Scenic Memories" that are not to be forgotten; whether a photo of a scenic view, wedding, or loved one. That legacy has been constant, and continues today, as Robert works as a self-employed / free-lance Photographer.